Nina – a story about me and Nina Simone

By josetteBM, 1st August 2016

See trailer: Youtube
This is a performance piece about Nina Simone. And about Josette Bushell-Mingo.

By reflecting her own life and artistry in Nina’s life story and music Josette creates two parallel paths through time. Along with Josette on stage are three musicians. Through text, music and song, we take part in the two women’s hopes, dreams, sorrows and success.

Today, Nina Simone’s classic music and Nina is an icon for many. But during her lifetime her career went steeply down when she took a stand for civil rights and Black Power in 60s America. What has changed since then? The story takes us on a journey from 1964 – when hope was strong and the American civil rights movement was at its peak – to present time when exclusion of black people is a frightening reality in Sweden and other countries.

The show is a collaboration between the National Theatre and the Unity Theatre in Britain. Performed in English.

Tickets available at Riksteatern